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Take Backflow Testing Off Your “To Do” List

Backflow Testing

When you call the Backflow Bureau for your annual backflow device testing, you can make that call the last call you ever make.  We will:

• Test and Certify your backflow device

• Handle all the paperwork with the city

• Automatically test your device every year thereafter

So, you never have to worry about getting behind or forgetting to comply. 



Testing and Certification

Your backflow device has to be tested every year to ensure it is doing its job of protecting the potable water supply.  We have the experience, tools and license to satisfy the city or water purveyor. 


Backflow Repair

Should your backflow device fall from compliance, we can fix it.


New Installation

Do you need a new backflow device installed?  We can do that quickly and efficiently.. 


We're On It

We will log your backflow device for re-testing every year so you never have to remember it or get that unwelcome letter from the city for non-compliance. 

Testing a Backflow Device

About Us & Why We are
The Best For the Job

The Backflow Bureau is owned by Drew Saylor who has been testing, certifying and installing backflow devices since 2009.   Drew started testing backflow devices (Double Check Valves, RP or Reduced Pressure Principle valves and Pressure Vacuum Breakers) while he worked for and, later,  owned Rainstat Irrigation.  He sold the irrigation company so he could devote more time to this critical task. 

Your backflow device is the last barrier in the protection of the public water supply and we take that task seriously. 


Nerdy Stuff


Backflow Devices

Reduced Pressure (RP) Backflow Device

RP or Reduced Pressure

  • Continuous and non-continuous pressure applications
  • Backsiphonage and backpressure conditions
  • Provides protection in low and high hazard situations
Double Check Valve to Prevent Backsiphonage


  • Continuous and non-continuous pressure applications
  • Backsiphonage and backpressure condition
  • Provides protection in low hazard situations only


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