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About Us

The Backflow Bureau tests, certifies, repairs and installs backflow devices in Waco, Texas and surrounding areas.  We’ve been at it since 2009 and we’re about protecting the potable (okay to drink)  water supply.  The city is, too, and they send out friendly letters that ensure you’re all about protecting the potable water supply too.   When you get one of those letters, just call us. 

Our Story

Providing Backflow Services Since 2009

Commercial Backflow Inspection
Backflow Diagram Showing Location of Backflow Prevention Device

I’m Drew Saylor, the owner/operator of The Backflow Bureau.  I live here in Waco Texas with my wife.

Before starting The Backflow Bureau, I owned and operated an irrigation company called Rainstat for several years.  I sold that company to some great guys in early 2019. I had received my backflow license in 2009 and wanted to do more backflow work. This is a step I don’t regret.

Everyone says they’re the best.  All I can say is we are committed to doing excellent work  while staying true to protecting the water we all depend on. 


2350 W. Elm Mott Dr. 
Waco, Texas 76705